The year was 1963 and spaghetti and pizza were just starting to become staples on every American table.  Andre's Italian Restaurant was conceived from a simple idea; provide wholesome and gratifying Italian food in a relaxed casual atmosphere at prices every family can afford. 

Chef Andreone was born in northern Italy and received his formal training at the famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris, France.  As a young chef, Mr. Andreone immigrated to the United States and worked for many of the top rated dining establishments of the time.  In 1959 Chef Andreone opened a full service restaurant named Andre’s of Beverly Hills that quickly came to define what is now known as “Continental Cuisine.”  His eponymous restaurant was a big hit and he quickly developed a reputation for having the most reasonably priced full service restaurant in Beverly Hills! 

Chef Andreone’s philosophy of providing his customers with value played a big part in his opening Andre’s Italian Restaurant in 1963.  This restaurant would crystallize his vision of how every family could enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal together without having to “break the bank.”
Chef Andreone has also owned and operated several other restaurants in the Los Angeles area, but only Andre’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria remains in operation today!